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What is PTE Voucher ?

PTE Voucher is a 12 digit alphanumeric code. You can use PTE Voucher to pay for your PTE Academic Fees. PTE Voucher is worth 13101 rupees which you can redeem against your PTE Academic Fees which is also 13101 rupees ( 11,102 + 18% GST). Hense after applying voucher, you don't need to make any payment while booking your slot. The total due amount will be zero as soon as you apply the voucher on the payment page while booking your slot.

PTE Voucher

Worth13101 ₹

  • Validity : 11 Months


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Normal PTE Academic Fees


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Normal Price for PTE Test in India is ₹13,101. You dont save any money.

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Price for PTE Test Voucher from is ₹12,200. You save 5901₹.

FAQs on PTE Voucher & PTE Academic

Can I take notes during the exam?
Yes. You can begin taking notes once the exam has started (not before that).
Where will I take the PTE Academic exam?
There are test centers located in several places in India. These are in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi/ New Delhi, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patiala, Pune, Rajkot and Vijayawada.
What is the PTE Academic Test?
PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer based English test for study abroad and immigration purposes. It is accepted by thousands of institutions in English speaking countries for non-native English speakers to show their level of English speaking, writing, reading and listening.
How much will a PTE exam cost without the voucher?
The PTE Academic cost in India is ₹13101. If you purchase our voucher it will only cost ₹12,200 and save you 5901₹.
Will an accent affect my scores in the speaking module?
No, the computer based exam is setup to recognize speech from a variety of non-native English language speakers.

When will I receive my PTE Voucher?
You will receive your pte voucher within 30 seconds of the payment.
Can I use this code after 1 month ?
Sure, this voucher codes comes with 1 year of validity.
Can I use this PTE Voucher code multiple times?
No, you can use this code for once only.
Which payment methods do you support ?
We support All Debit Cards, Credits Cards, Net banking and Direct bank transfer. Get in touch with us if your payment method is not accepted.
Do you provide after sales support ?
Yes, we will help you redeem the voucher code on Pearson Website.
Do you offer refund ?
We will refund you 70% of amount if you return UNUSED code to us. Please get in touch with us for the process.
Where can I use this PTE Voucher?
Just to go and use voucher code in in payment page while booking your slot.
How many times can I take the test?
You will be able to take the test an unlimited amount of time. However you can only proceed to book the next test once the results for your previous test have reached.
How do I buy a voucher?
Go to and enter your details. Click ‘Order Now’ and you will receive your unique PTE Voucher code via SMS and E-Mail.
Can I give the PTE Voucher to a friend for them to use?
Of course, as long as you haven’t used your PTE Voucher it can be used once by anyone.
Is it necessary to know about any specific topics or subjects?
No, you will only be tested on your english skills. Some topics will be covered but they will not be the focus of the tests.
How are PTE and IELTS exams different from one another?
PTE tests focus on english with an international nature while IELTS exams focus on North American, British,, Australian, and New Zealand English. Also PTE exams are taken only on computers whereas IELTS exams are not 100% computer based.
Will I need special computer skills before taking the test?
No special computer skills are required for this exam. It is sufficient to know how to operate a computer on a basic level. The test will be taken using a QWERTY keyboard. This means the top left side spells ‘QWERTY’. In case you do not have this keyboard, it will be sufficient to familiarize yourself with one beforehand.

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