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PTE Academic : A Brief Scoring Guide


PTE Academic scoring is not just +1 or -1. The scoring process is more complex than usual because one cannot evaluate English as just right or wrong. In this article, we aim to provide some insights about the PTE Academic Score System.

Before we start, you should know what a PTE Academic Score Card Looks Like: This is a PTENOTE Mock Test Report Card similar to PTE Academic in terms of content and scoring method. 

PTE Academic Scoring

All these scores are on a scale of 10-90.  The overall score is calculated by evaluating all the test items in the exam. While the other scores are calculated by evaluating different items and specific components.

If you want to know which items are evaluated for the different communicative skills, click here!

If you want to know which items are evaluated for the different Enabling skills, click here!

Now we know the scores, we can move on to how they are scored. 

Correct or Incorrect Credit

The questions which are scored either as correct or incorrect are:

Part I: Speaking & Writing Answer Short Questions
Part II Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
Part III Listening Highlight Correct Summary
  Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
  Select Missing Word



All these are scored as correct or incorrect. If the response is correct, you will be awarded 1 point. If they are incorrect, then no score is given.


Partial Credit

Most of the questions in PTE Academic are fall in partial credit and they are:

Part I Speaking & Writing Read Aloud
  Repeat Sentence
  Describe Image
  Re-Tell Lecture
  Summarize Written Text
  Write Essay
Part II Reading Re-Order Paragraph
  Reading: Fill In The Blanks
  Reading & Writing: Fill In The Blanks
Part III Listening Summarize Spoken Text
  Fill In The Blanks
  Write From Dictation







If the response is fully correct, the maximum marks available for the particular item are rewarded. But if the response is partially correct then marks lower than the maximum are given depending on how correct the response is according to the marking criteria of the item. If you want to know how partial scores are given for each answer then you might want to refer official scoring guide.

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Note that some questions like Essay Writing are scored in stages as you can see from this chart. So make sure not to make minor mistakes that can cost you marks.

pte academic scoring

Partial Credit With Negative Marking

You now have an idea about how partial credit works, partial credit with negative marks also exist in PTE Academic Scoring System but your minimum marks are always 0. Say if you choose 2 correct options and 2 incorrect option, you will end up with a zero. Questions that fall into this category are:

Part II Reading Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
Part III Listening Multiple-Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
  Highlight Incorrect Words


Hope this helped you to understand PTE Academic Scoring a little better. For any queries, comment down or contact us. Dial 1800 200 2188 or drop an email on [email protected] 


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