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How to retrieve your account if you have forgotten username Or password for




There is no need to worry if you forgot your PTE Academic username or password. There are few simple steps to retrieve your account.


Go to and scroll down to find the Sign In Option. You will Reset Password and Reset Username Buttons.

Follow these steps if you forgot your username.


  • Click “Reset Username”.pte account forgot username



  • Enter Your First & Last Name. The Email you used while registering should be entered here. Click Next.pte account forgot username


  • Answer the security Questions. Click Next. These are the questions you selected and answered while registering your account.


  • The Next page will show your username.pte account forgot username


Follow these steps if you forgot your password.


  • Click “Reset Password”.pte account forgot password



  • Enter Your Username. Official First and Last Name as mentioned during registration should be entered. Click Next.pte account forgot password


  • Check your email for a password reset link.

  • Click the link inside the email and you will be redirected to a password resetting page.

  • Enter a new password. Remember the rules: 8 or more characters, Combination of uppercase (Example: A) and lowercase (Example: a), Numbers(0-9) or Symbols (#,@,$ etc). Click “Reset Password”. Your password is now changed.

NOTE: If you have forgotten both the username and password, please follow the reset username steps first as creating new password requires a username.


We hope that we were helpful. Check out our PTE Voucher to know what benefits you can avail while booking for PTE Academic.

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