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PTE Listening: Solve Multiple Choice, Single Answer Questions in 3 Steps


PTE Listening: Solve Multiple Choice, Single Answer Questions in 3 Steps

The listening module of PTE Academic comprises 2-3 questions of Multiple Choice, Single Answer. In this task, you have to listen to a recording (30-60 seconds long), and answer a multiple-choice question on the basis of the content or tone of the recording. The recording will most likely be about academic subjects, such as science, humanities, polity, etc.

This section contributes solely to your PTE listening score. There is no negative marking in this item, and you are required to select only one option.

For Listening Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers tips, click here.

To select an option, click on it using the left button on your mouse. To deselect it, left-click on the option again, or left-click on a different option. The option you select is highlighted in yellow.


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Take a look at our 3-step guide to improve your score on Multiple Choice, Single Answer item:

Multiple Choice, Single Answer


  1. You have 5 seconds before the audio recording starts playing. It is crucial to utilize this time properly. Read the question and try to understand it, and quickly go through the options.
  2. Once you have read the question, you will be able to figure out which part of the recording you need to pay more attention to. It could be the main idea/central theme, the speaker’s opinion, supporting details, causes, conclusions, effects, advantages, disadvantages, etc.
  3. When the audio starts playing, listen for the information you need. Once you reach the part you were listening for, select the right option, and hit the next button without wasting time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Even though the listening module of PTE Academic relies heavily on note-taking, the erasable noteboard booklet is best left untouched as far as the Multiple Choice, Single Answer task is concerned. If you have practiced well, you won’t need to take notes for these questions. If your preparation, however, is not up to the mark, visit PTENOTE for practice material.


NOTE: Kindly note that you will not be taken to the next question automatically. To move forward in the test, you must click the next button.

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