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How to cancel your PTE Academic slot


Students should book PTE Academic slot according to their availability on the day and location of the test but some unavoidable circumstances can occur. In that case, one can reschedule PTE Academic slot but if you don’t want to or need to attend PTE Academic altogether then you also have an option to cancel.


You can cancel your test the following way:

Let us take a look at how you can use these ways to cancel your PTE Academic Exam.


  • Log in to your Pearson account with username and password.
  • Check your dashboard for PTE Academic Exam
  • You will be able to see the “Cancel” button near the exam.
  • Click cancel and confirm your cancellation.

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Is cancellation free of cost?

That depends on when you cancel.

  • You will get a full refund if you cancel up to 14 full calendar days before your test date.
  • Less than 14 calendar days, but at least 7 full calendar days before your test date you will get 50% of the test fee in a refund.
  • No refunds will be provided on cancelling the exam less than 7 calendar days before the exam.


Example: Your test is on 25 January 2019. You can cancel on or before 11 January to get a full refund. Only 50% of the test fees will be given if you choose to cancel between 12 to 17 January. You will not get any refund if you cancel on or after 18 January.


cancel pte academic

Phone and Chat

The best way is to cancel online unless you want to cancel due to medical reasons. For cancellation due to a medical reason, you must contact the customer service. They will be ask you to provide evidence supporting your medical claim. Acceptance of evidence is at Pearson’s discretion. Cancellation due to medical reasons may result in a full refund.



How will I get the refund if PTE Voucher is used?


  • Cancellation up to 14 days from test

You can just cancel without paying anything. Once the cancellation process is completed, the voucher code can be reused. You can use it later, give it to a friend or return us within 6 months of purchase to get a 70% refund of the amount paid.


  • Cancellation less than 14 days, but at least 7 days before the test

You will have to pay 50% of the registration fee at the time of cancellation. The voucher will become reusable again. If you choose to return, you will get 70% of the voucher value which will cover more than the cancellation fees.


  • Cancelling the exam less than 7 days

You will have to pay full registration fees at the time of cancellation which might result in your voucher become usable again but it’s advisable not to cancel in these last days. Even in registration made with direct payment, you don’t get any refund. Don’t cancel, try if you can make it to the test. If you could not, you don’t get any refund whether payment was made through a voucher or not.


PTENOTE provides you the highest refund ie. 70%. Other usually provide you with 50% of the voucher amount which does not even cover the cancellation fees so instead of getting a refund, you end up paying more.


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