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How to answer Reading Fill in the Blanks


Fill in the blanks is divided into two parts. In part one, an 80 words long written text with missing words are displayed on the screen and below the text are various words from which the test taker has to select a right answer by dragging it to the blank space. In part two the test taker is provided with a 300 words text that has blank spaces. The task is to select the correct answer from the...

A high score in enabling skills and written discourse but a low score in writing?


One would think that the score for writing, grammar, written discourse and closely related skills would be similar or on a similar level but it is not always the case. PTE Academics communicative skills and enabling skills are scored separately and uses different scoring criteria. It should also be noted that all the section of the examination are related which means that the contribution of...

A PTE study plan


A wise man once said “failure to plan is planning to fail,” and I couldn’t agree more. PTE Academics just like any test is a comprehensive test that requires hard work and dedication if one wishes to perform well. You already have a clear knowledge of the score you need to attain, therefore use that to guide you when outlining your study plan. There are also other factors to consider when...

PTE Study Material: FREE PTE Academic Study Guide


PTE Academic is not a tough exam to crack, especially when you have the right PTE Study Material to work with. In this article, we will briefly introduce the topics and guide you. The content on our website is absolutely FREE. You can bookmark this article to come back at any time! If you want to go through the PTE Study Material’s specific sections then you may click these: Speaking...