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PTE Study Material: FREE PTE Academic Study Guide


PTE Academic is not a tough exam to crack, especially when you have the right PTE Study Material to work with. In this article, we will briefly introduce the topics and guide you. The content on our website is absolutely FREE. You can bookmark this article to come back at any time! If you want to go through the PTE Study Material’s specific sections then you may click these: Speaking...

PTE Describe Image: Types of Describe Images


The Speaking Section of the PTE Academic has various types of questions. One of them is ‘ PTE Describe Image’. You can be surprised by how many different ones you can get in the question. Let’s talk about them and see what you can do to score maximum marks!   Describe Images   Let’s first talk about what is the PTE describe image question type? You will be presented...

Truth about Free Evaluation Providers


  In order to get desired scores in PTE Academic, you probably practice a lot of mock tests. The evaluation of mock tests is also important, expert evaluation to be exact. PTENOTE provides you evaluation vouchers along with mock tests when you buy our voucher but there are free mock tests and evaluation providers out there. Free PTE Evaluation is hard to believe considering the time and...

Master the Art of intonations


What Are Intonations? It’s the variation of the pitch of the voice when speaking. We use intonation in our life daily. Rasing and lowering our voice wherever our sense deems it necessary. Intonations are often referred to as punctuations of speaking. Just like full stops are important to reading and writing, the tone is important to speak. The irony is that the everyday thing becomes...