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PTE Academic Facts : Quick Glance At PTE Academic


PTE Academic: The Pearson Test Of English Academic is an English test recognize throughout the world. Let’s look at 30 quick PTE Academic Facts!

pte academic facts

  1. PTE Academic is a full computer-oriented test. From exam to scoring, by the computer system designed to perfection.
  2. Endorse by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the same organization is responsible for GMAT.
  3. PTE Academic was launched in 2009 by Pearson Language Tests.
  4. It is a three-hour long test.
  5. The test scores on a scale of 10-90 ( Global Scale Of English)
  6. There are three sections in PTE Academic: Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening.
  7. Speaking & Writing Section is 77-93 minutes long
  8. Reading Section is  32-41 minutes.
  9. Listening Section is 45-47 minutes.
  10. Apart from these three sections, enabling skills scores for grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse.
  11. The test cost 13,299 INR but you can get a PTE Voucher discount through authorized reseller's like PTENOTE.
  12. The pieces of equipment in a typical PTE Academic includes a computer screen, mouse, keyboard, headphone & microphone.
  13. Result available within 5 days of the test.

  14. One 10 min optional break given after reading section.
  15. You can reschedule or cancel your PTE Academic slot, cost may vary depending upon the time.
  16. PTE Academic is the most popular English test.
  17. The Test Center provides lockers but Pearson is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  18. You can appear for the exam any number of time, no restrictions.
  19. A vast range of slots ie. date and time is available to choose from.
  20. Passport is a must in order to appear for the exam.

  21. You can send your scores to universities directly through Pearson's website.
  22. The PTE Academic Scorecard is valid for 2 years from the exam.
  23.  The same centers which are responsible to deliver GMAT ie. VUE also delivers PTE Academic.
  24. Scores on ScoreCard: Overall Score; Communicative Skills: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading; Enabling Skills: Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, Written Discourse.
  25. Apart from PTE Academic, Pearson conducts two more tests: PTE General & PTE Young Learner Test
  26. Students sit on a partitioned desk.
  27. There is only one item in PTE Academic which isn't scored: Personal Introduction.
  28. Personal Introduction is sent to Universities along with the scores.
  29.  There is word limit for each question and it's given in the instructions.
  30. You cannot go back to previous questions.

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