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How PTENOTE Evaluates your test


PTENOTE  mock tests and evaluation are on par with PTE Academic in terms of quality.  We like to keep things transparent with our students, this is why we are going to tell you how PTENOTE Evaluation takes place.

When You Request An Evaluation

The moment you send the evaluation request, our expert buckles up and work hard to get you a quality report card within 24 hours.

It might surprise you but a PTE Academic Evaluation requires much more work than the mock tests itself. This is why multiple experts work on one evaluation request before we send you your report.


PS: You get Mock Tests and Evaluation Voucher for free when you buy PTE Voucher Online.


The Evaluators


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An obvious question that may come to your mind: Who evaluates these tests? When we say they are experts we mean it. Your test evaluators are Pearson certified. The reason why multiple experts cross check the evaluation is that we make sure that every report card that PTENOTE emails truly stands by PTE Academic standards.

How are the scores given?


pte evaluation


We strictly follow the PTE Academic Scoring Pattern. There are more than one criteria on which PTE Academic scores on one item, so do we. Apart from correct and incorrect credit, partial credits are also there for some questions. You may refer to the scoring guide if you want to understand PTE Academic scores better.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Why are my Reading/Listening Scores on the report card different from the one generated by auto scoring?

{FYI, for those of you who don’t know: When you complete mock tests from Reading & Listening Section, an instant score report is generated free of cost}

Back to the question, your instant reading/listening score is generated by the questions on that particular section. On the other hand, different questions from the different section are evaluated to provide these communicative scores. See, we told you we are on par with PTE Academic!


The PTENOTE Score Card

When all the work is finish, you will receive a scorecard in your inbox. The scorecard totally resembles a PTE Academic ScoreCard as far as scores are concerned.

As you can see, we provide both scores and a graph indicating those scores. PTE Academic gives your score in the same format. This makes easier for the student to understand the actual PTE Academic and analyze their performance.


How was your experience with our evaluation? Share in the comments! If you have any questions about PTENOTE, feel free to dial 1800 200 2188 or drop an email at [email protected].

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