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Tests can be stressful but knowing beforehand about what students are subjected to can help in calming the stress down. We want you to prepare for the exam in every way which includes knowing your PTE Test Center.

An exam’s environment can really affect the way we perform in the test itself. Let’s start with your arrival at the center.

You are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam. This is because you have to complete a sign-in procedure first.

Sign In Procedure


pte test center


  • Show your ID: Passport
  • You are given a Test Taker Rule Agreement which you have to read and agree by signing in digitally.
  • The test administrator also lets you know the necessary rules.
  • You are asked to keep your hand on a device which will scan it
  • Next, they will ask you to sit in front of a camera in order to take your photo.

This is how a sign in procedure is fully completed.

Before Going Inside Examination Hall

You have to store anything you might be carrying in a locker provided by the test center. One can only access this locker after completing the exam.
You are checked every time before entering the hall. To ensure you don’t have any item with you, the test administrator can ask you to:

  • Turn Out Your Pockets
  • Lift Your Hood
  • Roll Up Your Sleeves
  • Lift Your hairs if they cover your ears
  • Allow them to inspect your glasses and tie

You might be allowed comfort aids after the administrator has checked them. You need to bring these on your own. Comfort aids like:

  • Tissues
  • Cough drops (unwrapped)
  • Pillow for supporting the neck, back or injured limbs
  • Sweater, sweatshirt or blazer
  • Eyeglasses and hearing aids
  • Medical Neck braces or collars
  • Insulin pump attached to a person’s body

So make sure you don’t have any item with you. Keep the item you bought along inside the locker. Please note that PTE Academic mention in their handbook that they are not responsible for stolen or lost item so only carry the necessary item to the center.

Entering The Examination Hall In PTE Test Center

  • You are provided with an erasable noteboard booklet and pen. You are not to take any notes until your test starts.
  • Your administrator guides you to your space where you are be provided with computer and headphones with a built-in microphone.
  • Seating place is a partitioned desk.
  • The administrator signs you in on the computer and you are guided for an equipment check. Please Check if your headphone and microphone is working properly or not. If it isn’t then let your administrator know.

The Exam


pte test center


Part 1: Speaking & Writing

You need to speak into your microphone, hear with the headphone and write with the keyboard during the course of this part according to the different questions.

Note that it’s a noisy place and you are able to hear the co test-takers so take a few seconds to get use to such an environment. You can practice a mock test in a regular environment (say a cafe or your school) so that you get used to hearing voices while you give your answers. There is no need to speak loudly or shout. You can speak in your answers in the microphone with a normal voice.

Part 2: Reading

You need to use keyboard during the course of this part according to the different questions

You should also be careful to speak into the microphone during the recording time as there is no option to re-record answers.

Part 3: Listening

Use Headphone and Keyboard according to the requirement of the question.

Make sure to keep your microphone in the correct position ie. parallel to your mouth and 2 fingers width away from your mouth.


An optional break of 10 minutes after the completion of Part 2: Reading. You can access this break by raising your hand. The administrator will come to you and let you go outside the hall. You won’t able to leave the examination center or access your locker.
You can take an unplanned break but it’s discouraged and the time course of this break will be deducted from your overall time ie. the clock won’t be paused.

Security check and palm scanning will take place at both the times ie while leaving and while entering in PTE Test Center.

Finishing The Test


pte test center


  • Once you are done with the test, raise your hand and the administrator will come up and ensure that it’s correctly completed. The administrator will complete the formalities.
  • Identification is checked.
  • Hand over your Noteboard and pen to the staff
  • You will get a printed confirmation that you completed the test.
  • You can now access and pick your things from the locker before leaving the pte test center.

That’s how a typical PTE Academic Test takes place in a test center. Hope this helped you a little more in your preparation!

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