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How to create an account On


Creating an account for PTE Academic is easy. It’s the first step towards registration of the exam and can be divided into few steps as follows:



  • Scroll down to find “Create Account” on the same page and click it.

create an account on


  • Read and Agree to the terms and condition.

Enter Your Details.


  • 1st Step Personal Details: Select “No, I do not know my PTE ID”. Enter Title, First & Last Name and suffix if any. Then enter email id and click next.

create an account on pearsonpte.comcreate an account on


  • Enter Contact Information:
  1. Address Type
  2. Country of Residence
  3. Company, if applicable.
  4. Full Address
  5. Telephone Numbercreate an account on


  • Enter Additional Infomation:
  1. Country of Citizenship
  2. Country of Birth
  3. City of Birth
  4. Gender.
  5. You may or may not tick boxes in the end according to your needs.create an account on


  • Create Account:
  1. Create an alphanumeric username for yourself and check it’s availability. If it’s not available, create a different one by changing a few numbers or alphabets. It should be at least 6 characters long.
  2. Create a strong password.
  3. It must contain a total of 8 or more characters. Combination of uppercase (Example: A) and lowercase (Example: a). Numbers(0-9) or Symbols (#,@,$ etc)
  4. Select your choice of security questions. These will be helpful in case you forget your username or password.


Note down these details for yourself. Click Finish.

create an account on

Press the finish button to complete registration.

The process of creating an account on is now complete. You will receive an email confirming the same and containing your login details.

Scroll on and find “Sign In”. Enter username and password.

create an account on

Congratulations, You can now log in to book PTE Academic slot lot anytime you want.

Use the PTE Voucher while making the payment, purchase if not bought already.

We wish you luck for PTE Academic preparation and exam.


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