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PTE Listening Tips: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer


PTE Listening tips: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer is a PTE Academic listening task, which contributes solely to your listening score. Doing well on this task will go a long way in improving your overall PTE listening score.

In Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer tasks, an audio recording (40-90 seconds long) plays, and you have to answer a multiple-choice question based on it. You have to select more than one correct response from a list of options provided on the screen.

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It can be difficult to get the answer right, as there is negative marking scheme in Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer tasks. It means that you will get 1 mark for every correct answer, and lose 1 mark for each incorrect option you select. So, if a test-taker selects two options, out of which one is right and one is wrong, they will score zero marks overall.

For Listening Multiple Choice, Single Answer Tips, click here.

To select an option, you must click on it using the left button on your mouse. If you change your mind, you can left-click on the option again to deselect it.  


Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

 Follow our strategy to score better on Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer tasks:

  1. You will get 7 seconds before the actual recording starts. Use this time to go through the question and the options quickly.
  2. If you find that a particular subject (a place, a thing, a person, or an event) has been described in many of the options, make sure to pay greater attention when you come across this subject in the recording.
  3. While listening to the audio, try to understand the meaning behind the audio and take notes. You will get an erasable booklet to take notes. Make sure to note down key points such as dates, events, places, things mentioned in the audio.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  4. Do not blindly select an option if it includes key words or phrases (or their synonyms) mentioned in the audio. Check if the information stated in the option supports the information in the audio. Otherwise, skip it.


  5. After you have chosen the appropriate options, do not waste time in overthinking or analysing. Take a deep breath and move on to the next question.



Since negative marking scheme is followed in this item, it is crucial to get adequate practice in attempting these types of questions.


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