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PTE Academic ReScore: Worth It?


Like most of the Tests, PTE Academic offers Rescore if the test taker is not satisfied with his or her results. But is it worth it and how to request a re-score? Let’s talk about that!

Things To Know Before You Request PTE Academic ReScore

pte academic rescoring

  • Your test is evaluated by a computer and when you request a score, it’s again checked by a computer so it’s unlikely that your score will be changed.
  • Questions considered for PTE Academic rescoring: Spoken and Open-Ended Written Responses
  • In the unlikely event that your score changes, it can go up or down. (Yes, you can lose marks instead of gaining.)
  • If scores are changed, then they will replace your original scores.
  • You cannot schedule another test if you want to request a re-score. You can schedule another test only after you receive your re-scores.
  • Request rescore within 14 days from the release of your report card.

Worth It?

The probability of error is really low so a re-score might not be worth it. The cost for re-scoring is over 100$ and if the score isn’t changed which is most likely, it costs you precious time. In case it’s changed to a lower score, it will cost you scores! 

pte academic rescoring

Change In Scores?

Change in scores can only take place if there was a technical issue or algorithm glitch, which is unlikely. ( We know that we are being repetitive here but we have to inform you  😐 ).

A technical issue could be microphone not picking up your response. (equipment are checked in your presence before the test begins so improbable) Let’s say you get a really low score in Speaking despite doing good, you might think it has to do something with the microphone. But there can be other reasons like you didn’t speak during the recording time of your exam or loud breathing messed up your responses. These can be the reasons but they are not a technical error, these are human errors made from your side. So you won’t be getting your marks to change in this case. Make sure not to commit common mistakes that can lower your PTE Scores. Unless you are 99.99% sure that the problem is technical and not yours, rescoring isn’t a good option.

Algorithm error is much more unlikely to happen than technical ones. Unless you get bizarrely low scores without any error from your side (No Such Case Encountered by Us), don’t opt for PTE Academic rescore and simply take Re-Test.

Just One Mark Short!

A popular reason for students to opt for Re-Score usually is that they were 1 or 2 marks short from their desired scores. It makes sense when your evaluator is a ‘human’. They might be generous enough to squeeze in one or two extra marks to ‘pass’ you. Don’t hold your breath for PTE Academic Rescore, Your test responses are re-scored by the computer again. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 10 marks, you won’t be rewarded the marks if you are not eligible for it.

No Full Re-Scoring and Feedback

If that wasn’t enough to stop someone from opting for a re-score, not every question is considered for it. The only responses rescored are spoken and open-ended written ones. You are only informed if your marks have been changed or not. No feedback is given about why are your scores are low or anything. 

Some Hope.

But there is some good news if any of your Overall, Communicative Skills or Enabling Skills scores change, the rescore fee will be fully refunded. You can consider yourself The Lucky one if that happens.

How To Request For A PTE Academic Re-Score?

pte academic rescoring

If you still want to go for a Rescore, you must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 days of your score report release.

Inform them that you want a Re-Score and you will be guided by the Customer Service Team to complete the Rescore request.

You are free to reach out to PTE Customer Service through Chat, Phone or Email.

You will be informed about the exact fee for rescores by the Customer Service team. 

Have you taken PTE Academic Rescore? Tell us your experience with it in the comments.

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