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3 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Earn Perfect Scores on Describe Image Tasks


In this article, we will provide some Describe Image tips. Describe Image exercises of PTE Academic assess your speaking skills as well as your ability to think on your feet. As far as the current PTE Academic pattern is concerned, a minimum of 5 questions based on this format appears in the Speaking & Writing module of the test.

In Describe Image task of PTE Academic Speaking & Writing, an image will be displayed on the screen, and you will be allotted 25 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to respond. The image could be a bar chart, double bar charts, 2 separate bar charts, a map, a line chart, a pie chart, double pie charts, a photograph, a diagram/process, a table, or a mixed graph (combination of 2 graphs, say table + bar chart).  

Adopt our Describe Image tips to improve your score. You have to send these scores to universities so read on to take admission in your desired university.


Describe Image tips

3-step method:

  • Introduction- The introduction should ideally last for 5 seconds and clearly state two things- type of image and title of image.


For example: a) For one bar graph:

“This bar graph shows the reasons why ….

  1. b) For two bar graphs:

“These bar graphs represent the reasons why ….

  1. c) For a mixture of two different graphs:

“These images show the reasons why ….



  • Description- This part should span 25 seconds.


Although you will see a great many details and numbers on the graph, the trick is to identify just three key features and describe them. You could talk about the lowest figure, the highest figure and any one figure out of the remaining ones.


For example:


“The highest number of crimes occurred in 2010 and were committed by people in the age group 17-36”


“The problems occurring least often were handwriting and grammar in Class V in 1999”


NOTE: If you get a map-based question and happen to be poor at Geography, then instead of taking names of countries, use terms like Northern countries, Western countries, etc.


  • Conclusion- You should ideally take 5 seconds to conclude your response. The conclusion could be a summary, an insight, a prediction, or an observation.




For example:

  1. If there is an identifiable trend

“In conclusion, improvement in Office Y’s employee retention over the fifteen-year period could be credited to flexible company policies”

  1. If there is no particular trend

“In conclusion, we can see from the bar graph that the number of enrolments in primary school vary throughout the ten-year period, and there is no clearly identifiable trend”

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