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PTE Writing: Super Easy Tips to Breeze through Essay Writing


PTE Essay Writing tasks assess your ability to

  • think under pressure
  • present your views on a topic
  • give a brief account of merits and demerits
  • argue for/against a topic
  • discuss a solution in 200-300 words in 10 minutes.

There are two kinds of people: those who are super-creative and can come up with 10 great ideas at a moment’s notice, and those who can’t.

While it’s true that not everybody is gifted at thinking quickly in stressful situations, essay writing is, with enough practice and a few tricks, a skill that can be mastered.

Essay Writing

If you struggle with Essay Writing, follow these tips to score better on your test:

  • Read the instructions carefully

    You must do it so that you know what your essay is about and whether you have to agree or disagree, or choose a position and support it with reasons.

  • Read up on common Essay Writing topics

    The task covers a wide range of subjects. Hence, it may be a good idea to read up on common Essay Writing topics and note down shorts points in favour of or against, or merits and demerits of a topic.

  • Practice makes perfect

    The more you write, the better you get.

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  • Give reasons

    When you have to pick a side, elaborate on why you chose that side, and in the next paragraph, discuss why you disagree with the opposing side.

  • Note down ideas


Do not start writing the essay immediately. Type any ideas that come into your head at the bottom of the prompt box, and try to fit them in the structure given below-

Paragraph 1: Introduction

  1. Rewrite the general statement in your own words.
  2. Briefly mention both sides/positions of the essay.
  3. Write your overall opinion using this format, “this essay will discuss why (your side).”


Paragraph 2: Your side

  1. Mention your side again in a little more detail, but use different words from those in the introduction.
  2. Give one or more reasons to support your side.
  3. Provide examples or observations.
  4. Concluding statement


Paragraph 3: Opposing side

Follow the same format as Paragraph 1 and discuss your reasons for being against this side, with supporting observations.


Paragraph 4: Conclusion

  1. Write the general statement again, but it should be different from the one in the introduction.
  2. This should reflect your overall opinion and may begin with, “In my opinion….”


  • Avoid using idioms (for example, “at the drop of a hat”) or slang words (like frenemy, BFF, or Bae), as it is an academic essay.
  • Don’t copy text from the task description completely. You should write the topic and the two sides in different words but they should have exactly the same meaning as they do in the task description.
  • Do not make references to any books, magazines or other sources in the essay.

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