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Master the Art of intonations


What Are Intonations? It’s the variation of the pitch of the voice when speaking. We use intonation in our life daily. Rasing and lowering our voice wherever our sense deems it necessary. Intonations are often referred to as punctuations of speaking. Just like full stops are important to reading and writing, the tone is important to speak. The irony is that the everyday thing becomes...

How To Improve Pronunciation in 7 Fun Ways


Preparing for PTE Academic could be easy if you plan it right. Apart from taking mock tests and preparing according to the Exam Pattern, you should try to brush up your skills every day. It can help you a long way. In this article, we would give you some tips on how to improve pronunciation. Pronunciation impacts your scores and you are also scored separately on pronunciation under Enabling...

PTE Speaking: Answer Short Questions Tips


Answer Short Questions tasks of PTE Speaking & Writing section assess a test taker’s listening and speaking skills as well as the ability to be precise. In Answer Short Questions tasks, an audio recording, up to 9 seconds long, plays the question and you have 10 seconds to answer, using as few words as possible. If you don’t speak for 3 or more seconds, the current status shows “completed”...

PTE Speaking: How to Ace Repeat Sentence Tasks


When you come across Repeat Sentence in Speaking Section tasks on your PTE test for the first time, you probably wonder: Seriously? Could there have been a simpler question? I use English in everyday conversations with my friends. This will be as easy as snapping my fingers!   You check your Scorecard only to find out that you have performed poorly. It is fairly routine for test-takers to...