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PTE Academic Computer Marking: It’s The Best Evaluator Ever!


In this age of technology, computers based tests are getting more and more common. But still most of the ‘computer-based’ English proficiency test these days are actually only partially computer based, the speaking sections often require you to give test person to person. Now, what’s wrong with a paper-based or person-to-person test? The scope of error is high which makes the scope of getting better marks dull!


pte computer marking

Let’s just look at some key points why PTE Academic Computer Marking is an advantage over manually evaluated papers:


How does the computer mark PTE Academic Test?

It is designed by experts, humans of course. 😃  Experts design and write the questions, quality checks are done several times and then they mark it. In this way, the computer learns from the experts and it is checked to see if it has learned its functions properly. Only after quality check, the computer system is allowed to mark several test papers from around the world.

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The probability of Error

It won’t be a stretch to say that there is almost zero probability of any error. The system will always evaluate what it has learned, there is no deviation unless you think sci-fi movies about technology taking over and having their own mind is going to be true someday! 🤖 Jokes apart, the system is reliable. It is tested and proven.


pte computer marking


No Room For Bias

There can be a number of things which can affect your result apart from the answer itself. A paper-based test: Bad handwriting? evaluator mistakes your word for another one. Person-to-person Speaking Section: Your accent is a problem for your evaluator. Things like this can happen but not if you are giving PTE. PTE Academic  System recognizes a wide range of accent so as long as you are speaking your words clearly that’s no problem. The computer does not judge you by your looks, accent or anything else.

Fully Digital

There you have it, from exam to scoring a digitally reliable system. The world isn’t fair but PTE Academic sure is! All you need to do is practice enough with PTE mock tests before the exam!

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