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How To Increase Your Vocabulary For PTE Academic: 4 Sources to Expand Your Knowledge


PTE Academic Scorecard has a sperate score for Vocabulary under “Enabling Score” section. This alone is enough to tell you how much vocabulary matters. You can score good marks if you use a nice vocabulary in questions such as essay writing in the PTE Writing section. Not only in PTE Academic, having a good vocabulary can help you in various ways! There are numerous ways to increase your vocabulary but it can’t happen in one day.  You need to adopt various habits that can help your vocabulary.


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Increase Vocabulary By Reading

Yes, we are starting with the simple method. We curated a list of things you can read:

  1. Newspaper : Keeps you up to date with what’s going around the world while increasing your vocabulary at the same time. This is something you can make a habit of, subscribe to a good newspaper or e-newspaper!
  2. Novels: A good way to entertain yourself while learning new words. Challenge yourself by reading classics.
  3. Dictionary: This isn’t the most conventional thing to read, but you can take a look at a good dictionary, you might find some words that can catch your attention.

But do not stop at just reading, if you find a word that you think you need to add in your vocabulary google it, search the meaning, check it’s pronunciation and record it in a notebook. You can make a habit of doing so by setting a goal. Set a goal to find “Word Of The Day” so you can at least learn one word per day.

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Increase Vocabulary By Listening

Reading isn’t the only way to get smarter. Tune into English Channels, notably English News Channels or radio channels. Listen to them and watch as you regularly would and if you came across a word that you haven’t heard of, note it down. In fact, expanding your vocabulary through listening to English actually has an advantage since you get to know the pronunciation beforehand.

Increase Vocabulary Through Mobile Applications/ Internet

There is no denying about how useful your smartphone can be if you use it the right way. For example, you can access PTENOTE’s mock test through your mobile browser. You can also access many fun mobile applications for example Word of the day App gives you one word every day. There are also games like Word Cross which is a fun way to increase your vocabulary.

What to do when you came across new words:

  1. Write them down
  2. Search their meaning
  3. Get to know how to properly pronounce them.
  4. Repeat to get your pronunciation right
  5. Try to use them in a sentence (written or while speaking)

We hope that this helped you. Did you learn a new word today? Comment below the word!


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