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5 Quick Steps To Minimize PTE Academic Reading Time


Reading habits develop over time but when you have a clock on your head (not literally😉 ), you got to learn some skills that can get you through PTE Academic Reading Section. Even if you have brilliant reading skills, you may want to pursue the art of skimming and scanning.  A step by step approach can do you a lot of good: Read The Instruction If you are familiar with PTE Academic Exam Pattern...

How to Attempt Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks


There are two tasks in the reading section in which the test taker has to fill in the blanks. The only difference between Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks and Fill in the Blanks is that in the former, you have to select one option from a drop-down list provided for each blank separately. Whereas in the latter, a single list of options is provided and you have to fill all the blanks from...

PTE Reading Tips : Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer


In Reading Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer tasks, you will get a passage up to 300 words long. You have to read it and answer a multiple-choice question based on it. From a group of five to seven options, you have to select more than one correct option.  In the PTE Academic test, you will get  2 or 3 questions based on Reading Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer format. For Reading Multiple Choice...

How to Become a Pro at Re-order Paragraphs Tasks: 9 Tips


In Re-order Paragraphs tasks, several text boxes appear on the screen in a random order. You have to arrange the boxes to make a meaningful paragraph. As per the current PTE Academic Reading test format, the complete text will be up to 150 words long. The test will include 2-3 questions based on the Re-order Paragraphs task. You can use any of the following methods to move the text boxes in Re...