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How To Improve English fluency: 6 Very ‘English’ Thing To Do


Many people who speak English regularly may not be a 100% Fluent in it. That alone tells you how hard it is to be fluent in English. One thing people really confuse English fluency with is Accent. It doesn’t matter what accent you have, you can be fluent in English. PTE Academic scores you on your English Fluency separately. If you look up the definition of fluent, it means “able to express oneself easily and articulately”. With keeping that in mind, let’s look at some way you can improve English Fluency:

improve english fluency


Talk In English As Much As You Can

Yes, we are going to address the basics here. Talking in English in your daily, not only improves your fluency over time. It can also build up your confidence, polish your vocabulary and pronunciation. Surround yourself with people who speak English and start learning English every passing day. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes lead to corrections and those corrections can lead to better English.

Think In English


improve english fluency


Does this sound a little weird to you? It may be difficult but you will be able to adapt after a couple of times. The reason why this should be on your list to improve English fluency is that Non-Native Speaker usually thinks in their native language first and then translate it while speaking. You can be faster if you are able to form your thoughts in English.

Talk To Yourself In English

It might look a little funny but this exercise helps in many ways. Dancers and Actors practice their art in front of a mirror to self analyze and do better. You can do this too! Learning a language is an art, try to speak in a mirror or better, record your voice. You can analyze the recording to see what it is that stops you from speaking fluent English.

Listen To Fluent English

Learn from the best, watch videos or go to events where English Speakers present themselves. Observe and then compare it with your English. Maybe they have an amazing vocabulary or grammar which helps them or maybe they do make mistakes but are confident. You will observe that most of them are really confident in what they are speaking. Its the key to improving English fluency.


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Read Aloud

When most of us read, we read in our mind but try reading aloud for a change. You can read the newspaper, magazine or your favorite novel. Some people are quick in reading in their mind but reading the same thing aloud isn’t their forte. You might understand what you are reading but can you read it aloud fluently? Test Yourself.

Speak To AI


improve english fluency


We are really diving into some fun activities for English fluency so why not this? AI: Artificial Intelligence can be useful in many ways. Turns out, you can also have a good conversation with AI. Try to speak to Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri or whatever AI is available to you. It’s a good way to test your English and get your work done without pressing buttons.

Try Tongue Twister

Tongue Twisters are a really fun way to put your English fluency at test. They are designed to be difficult to articulate properly and even the best fail to speak them in one go! Try “Pad Kid Poured Curd Pulled Cod”. Do you have a more difficult tongue twister? Comment it down!

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