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How To Improve Pronunciation in 7 Fun Ways


Preparing for PTE Academic could be easy if you plan it right. Apart from taking mock tests and preparing according to the Exam Pattern, you should try to brush up your skills every day. It can help you a long way. In this article, we would give you some tips on how to improve pronunciation.

Pronunciation impacts your scores and you are also scored separately on pronunciation under Enabling Skills in PTE ScoreCard.


Analyze Yourself

Improve Pronunciation

Many people have difficulty pronouncing words even when they do know the correct way to pronounce those words. This is because you are concentrating on communicating rather than your sound. A great way to eliminate this problem is to record your voice and listen to the recording later. You can analyze how you are doing in terms of pronunciation and improve on the same.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall!


Improve Pronunciation


Another great way to analyze yourself is to stand in front of the mirror and speak your words. Watch your mouth and tongue movement, it’s all in the way you speak. For example, the difference between ‘rice’ and ‘lice’ is in the tongue. For ‘L’, the tip of the tongue touches the gum ridge and for ‘R’, the tongue pulls back in the mouth without touching the top.


But, How Is It Pronounce?

You know you are doing it wrong but what is the right way? You can always google a word and the result will probably show it’s meaning with a ‘speaker’ icon. When you click that icon, the word will be pronounced. There are also official dictionary apps that come with this kind of feature. Dictionary will also help you expand your vocabulary. There are plenty of resources on the internet, just make sure that the resource where you are obtaining these pronunciations from is authentic. Some of them are ELSA app (2000+ useful words and progress tracking available) , SpeakingPal App (video lessons included) and YouTube channel: pronunciation book (really useful if you want to know how to pronounce a particular word).


Fast Isn’t Fluent

Many of us confuse fluency in a language with how fast we can speak in that language. That is incorrect. The reason behind mentioning this is that speaking fast often results in wrong pronunciation. So slow down and relax, take your time with your words. Think, breath and speak. It will also improve your English fluency.


Break it into Syllable

The word “syllable,”  has three syllables: syl-la-ble. Breaking words into small parts can make them easier to pronounce. Every syllable should have at least one vowel: a, e, i, o, u, y. This is an easier way to remember the pronunciation of longer words. You are also able to determine which part of the word you are pronouncing wrong and work specifically on it.


Intonation & Stress

In simple words, some part of the words is more important than the other and you need to emphasize that by stressing it. The way you intonate the word can change its whole meaning. For example, address. When you say ‘ADDress’, it’s indicated you are talking about a place and when you say ‘addRESS’, it’s the verb used when talked about speaking to someone. The same also works with whole sentences and paragraphs.


Sing A Song!


Improve Pronunciation

Singing could be a fun little activity to learn English in general. Learn the words to any English songs and sing along. Singing helps you in intonation and making the words easier. You are not concentrating on constructing things to say so, you have plenty of time to make your pronunciation sound great! You can also read aloud books if singing isn’t your thing.

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