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How to work towards better English skills every passing day


English is not something you can learn in a day. No language can be learned in a day. There is always room for improvement. Improvement like expanding your vocabulary, English fluency, basic grammar mistakes. Practice makes one perfect. Apart from PTE Academic Mock tests, you need to incorporate English in your daily life in order to be perfect at it. As Mr. Amitabh Bachchan once said, “I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English because English is a very funny language!” 😀 Well, English might not be a funny language considering the thousand of the grammatical rule even Native English Speakers find difficult but you definitely need to walk and talk English!

Let’s look at ways you can improve your English skills!


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Surround Yourself With English

People learn from their environment more than they realize. Watching English movies or shows is a good way to do so. This way it will not feel like work and you will be getting educated from entertainment! Although a better way to learn English from mass media is, of course, Global English News Channels and Newspapers. You can also interact with people who speak English on regular basis. Don’t be shy and afraid of making mistakes while speaking English. Improvement can only happen when we are confident. Try to speak English even if it’s not perfect, it will improve slowly.

Internet Helps

One can not emphasize enough about how much the internet helps us with various things, English can be and is one of the things. Subscribe to good blogs (like us 😉), install apps which test your English skills like Duolingo, Spelling Bee, Word Connect etc. You can obviously watch Youtube Videos from English Experts or Check pronunciation of the words you are not sure of. Not just listen and read but you can also write! How about starting your own blog and write one article every week. You can test your grammar with Grammarly or other tools.  Connect with others and expand your knowledge of English over the internet.

The Old School Ways


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You can always rely on notebooks and dictionaries. Buy some good novels, challenge yourself with Classics. Keep a pocket-dictionary handy so you can always check for new words and their meaning. Another good idea is to make a daily diary and write in it. Participate in group discussions or wherever there is a chance to learn English.


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Set Goals For Yourself

If you are goal oriented and setting a goal works for you then do it for your English Skills too. You can set goals for learning new words and expand your vocabulary. Goals to write a paragraph every day. Keep track of your goals by making a daily log.

Get Creative

Make cue cards or Post-it stickers for new English words. Play games like Scrabble with your friends or fill the crosswords in the Newspaper every morning. Make a board of your goals and tick every time you take a step forward to better your English Skills.

Do you have your ways to learn English? Share with us or ask your queries in the comments!


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