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10 Common Mistakes That Can Affect your overall PTE Academic score


PTE Academic is a computer-based test and therefore it can be really fulfilling for anyone who prepares well for English and follow the instructions. Imagine preparing rigorously for PTE Academic and making silly mistakes that you were not aware of?


Mistakes That Can Affect PTE Academic score


Let’s look at Mistakes That Can Affect PTE Academic score so that you can make sure to avoid them:

  • Speaking Too Fast: Speak at a normal pace. It’s important to give your answer in the limited time given but remember that the time given is enough for your answer to be completed so don’t rush. Keep your words clear and pronunciation strong. Look at some speaking tips to improve your scores.


  • Stumbling while giving an answer: Do not pause or go back to explaining how there was an error etc. Many students panic a little when they think an error has been made from their side and stumbles with “ahmmm”. Don’t pause while recording your answer even if you think you made a mistake.


  • Answering before microphone records: Your screen tells you when your microphone starts and stops recording. Speak within that time.


  • Not Speaking for more than 3 seconds: You know what’s worse than stumbling? Not speaking for more than 3 seconds when the microphone starts recording. Why? Because the microphone will switch off after 3 seconds if there is no answer from your side.


  • Exceeding or Falling Short of Word Limit: Word Limit for every question is mentioned. It is important to follow it. For example, the word limit is 200-300 then your answer should be minimum 200 words but not more than 300.


  • Forgetting the Negative Markings: Most of the questions in PTE Academic does not contain negative marking but some items like choose multiple answers are negative marking questions. Select the options after reading the question carefully. Wrong Selection can lead to low score, although the lowest mark is still zero.

  • Not Using the Notepad: You are given a notepad and pen for your own rough work, it is not necessary to use but it’s advisable to use it while listening to questions like “retell lecture”. You can note down keywords/topics and give your answer accordingly. Do not write word-for-word for it.


  • Not Proofreading: Students should always check their answers at least once before submitting for grammatical and structural errors.


  • Too many repetitive words: Some people actually have a habit of using certain words over and over. Say using “literally”. Avoid doing that in both your speaking and writing.


  • Punctuation marks: Let’s just say that full stop, “.” matters and so do other punctuation marks like a comma.


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