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How To Improve English Writing Skills: A 2 minute guide for Everyone


There is always room for improvement when it comes to English Writing Skills. You can improve your English Skills every passing day. Even the biggest Writers don’t always write amazing stuff in one go, they improve gradually. As Jodi Picoult famously said ” You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”  So obviously improving English Writing Skills includes a lot of writing. You are scored separately on your writing skills in the PTE Academic Score Card. Let’s look at some fun ways you can accomplish that:


improve english writing skills

Read, Read & Write!

To start writing, familiarize yourself with the work of professionals. See how they write, it is not necessary to follow their pattern. But it provides you some idea about how to approach writing. Reading can be fun if you like novels or it can be really useful if you like to stay updated with current affairs: Newspapers! The reason why we asked you to read according to your interest is that you got to read regularly and it should not feel like a task. It’s not too difficult when inspiration comes your way so you naturally start writing something when you are a regular reader.

Start A Personal Diary Or Blog

It’s not necessary to write something inspiring or a masterpiece all of a sudden. Sometimes the best way is to start with the easiest thing. You can write about your day or better yet start an online blog, through the blog you will be able to connect with others and improve.


improve english writing skills


Get That Vocabulary!

Don’t ignore new words you read, take your dictionary out and understand the meaning so that you might be able to corporate that word in your writing. Not only words you can also add new idioms in your memory to write more impressive content. Mind those slangs! Do not use internet slangs or words in your writing, this is why we don’t recommend chatting as a way to improve writing skills.  😉

Use Online Tools To Test Yourself

Make use of your internet connection and out your writing to test. You can obviously take our mock tests in the Writing Section and request for evaluation. Refer to the “Written Disclosure” Score to see how well you did. Apart from that, you can get reviews on your writing from teachers, your friends or a person who you think is an expert in English. If you have been writing articles, you can actually submit to magazines or newspapers that accept viewer’s articles. That’s a great way to get a review and get your content hopefully published!

Edit It Out

First drafts are usually bad, even for professional writers. To be good at writing, you need to accept that you will be making mistake and re-checking yourself is absolutely necessary. Make it a habit to re-check your work before submitting or settling down for it.


improve english writing skills


Workshops, Seminars Etc.

You can take a step ahead and join workshops or seminars on writing. These workshops and seminars are a common thing now, they are a good way to meet people who are looking to improve and those who are good at it.

Comment down what you do to improve your writing skills!

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