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What Not To Do At A PTE Academic Center While Giving The Exam


We hope that you are preparing well for your PTE Academic test. To sail through the exam time smoothly, keep in mind what you shouldn’t do!


pte academic exam center

  • Don’t Be Late

Reach 30 minutes before your test because signing in for exam takes time. Rushing in during the last minute can impact your performance. Moreover, arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time of your test will result in no entry in the center.


pte academic exam center


  • Not reading “PTE Academic Test Taker Rules Agreement”

This agreement is given at the time of sign in. Read it carefully. Ask any questions you may have about the rules to your administrator.


  • Do Not Bring Valuable Item to the Center

Although PTE Academic Centers do provide storage facilities, they do not take responsibilities for lost and damaged item as per their handbook. Therefore you should only bring the necessary items.


  • Not Checking Your Equipment Properly

Your administrator will do an equipment check with you. Please ensure everything is working properly. If it isn’t, tell your administrator immediately.


  • Don’t Shout

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PTE Academic requires you to speak in the microphone for some questions but there is no need to raise your voice. Just give your answers in a normal speaking voice. If you need to talk to your administrator, raise your hand and wait for him/her.


pte academic exam center

  • Don’t talk to fellow students

You should not be discussing anything with your fellow test taker when you are inside the test centers.


  • Do not Interfere with your microphone

Your microphone should be parallel to your mouth with a 2 finger distance. Let it stay that way so that your answers are recorded properly.


  • Don’t ask for more breaks

You get a break of 10 minutes after Reading Section in which you are allowed to exit exam hall but not exam center. You are also given the right to ask for one optional break by raising your hand but the clock won’t be paused. That is your time will be wasted so don’t ask for it unless it’s absolutely necessary.


  • Do not bring medical aids without informing Administrator

One might need medical aids like cough syrup, medicines etc but you should let your administrator know about them at the time of sign in and let the item get checked.


  • Don’t Ask Administrator about Test Content

You can ask about rules or complain about any glitches/issues but don’t ask about queries related to questions.


We wish you luck for the PTE Academic. Study better with some of our tips! If you haven’t registered yet, then don’t miss out on PTE Voucher.

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