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FAQs on PTE Academic Speaking & Writing Section


1. Are speaking and writing different sections?

No, speaking and writing is one section.

2. What are the types of questions in this section?

Personal Introduction, Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture, Answer Short Question, Summarize Written Text and Essay.

3. Personal Introduction comes under speaking and writing section during the exam, does that mean it will be scored?

No, the personal introduction is not scored at all. Although personal introduction is sent with your scores to desired universities so do it well to make an impression.

4. How long is the Speaking & Writing Section?

The time given to the section is around 77-93 minutes.

5. Can I replay the audio once recorded?

No, you can only record and only one opportunity to record will be given.


pte academic speaking & writing


6. My Accent is strong, will that affect my speaking score?

PTE has a transparent and modern computer-based scoring system which can recognize a wide range of accents, you just need to be clear with your words.

7. Do I have to repeat re-tell lecture word to word like repeat sentence?

No, re-tell lecture needs to be spoken in your own words.


pte academic speaking & writing


8. My answer is resulting in words that are more than the word limit. Is that ok?

No, it can affect your score. Always write in the word limit.

9. What if my microphone or headphone doesn’t work?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

PTE provides and checks equipment before the exam commences, still if you face any issue you can communicate the same with your administrator.

10. Do I have to record immediately after the question?

No, a time before the recording starts is given according to the prompt length so you will have some time to prepare.

pte academic speaking writing

11. Will I be hearing my co-test takers too during the exam?

Yes, you are partitioned from your co-test takers but not isolated. There will be noise and you need to be prepared for that.

12. How do I prepare for the noises I will be hearing during the speaking section?

Try not to concentrate on other’s answer. To practice this, perform your mock tests in a busy environment.

13. Can I playback the recording of a question if I couldn’t hear it or missed some words?

No, you can not. A recording is only played once and you are given heads-up of a few seconds before the recording actually starts.


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