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Benefits of booking PTE Academic through PTENOTE


If you dream to study abroad or go for a job then you know various English tests are there to help you get through that immigration or admission process, one such test is PTE Academic which stands for ‘Pearson Test Of English Academic’ trusted across the globe.


Why book PTE Academic through PTENOTE?


The question obviously is that why would you book from PTENOTE instead of directly registering? There is not one single answer to this question simply because there isn’t one benefit that ptenote provides you!


Let’s count the benefits together:


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  1. The Discount


How often you get discounts on exams? Isn’t it unfair that we have discounts on every other things these days besides the necessities like exams? Well if your exam is PTE Academic then you have stumbled upon the right place because with PTE Voucher the test cost you only 12,222 INR instead of 13299 INR.


  1.  50 Partially Scored Mock Tests


You get fifty mock tests which include all the sections worth 3500 INR for free. The mock tests will be valid for a whole 1 year. These mock tests will be closest to the actual test and you will get the instant and automated score and various analysis report in reading and listening tests.


  1. 20 Expert Evaluation Vouchers


Our help in your preparation doesn’t end there. We provide Expert Evaluations by Our Team of Experts. After Evaluation by Experts, You’ll get scorecard like real PTE Examination, so that you can decide whether you’re ready for actual PTE Academic. Using the Evaluation Voucher, You will be able to book evaluation at a discounted price. Along with PTE Voucher, you’re getting 20 Evaluation Vouchers each worth 250 INR which you can redeem while applying for evaluation. After using the Evaluation Vouchers, you only need to pay the difference amount ie 150 INR for evaluation.



  1. Long Validity


The voucher is valid for 11 month from the time of purchase, so you don’t have to worry about when to buy, protect yourself from future increase in price of PTE Academic which may happen. You just have to make sure that the registration of the test falls within those 11 months


  1. Refundable and Transferable


Apart from being easy to use and long validity, in case you just can’t happen to use the code then you can get 70% refund of the amount in exchange of an unused code after getting in contact with the support team. Otherwise, you can always gift the code to anyone you wish to.


  1. The Support

From booking the voucher to preparing for the exam and the registration, our support team got you covered. Call, email or simply use the chat option to get in touch.


  1. Ease of Booking


The booking process is really simple, you can even book through our support team. Payment options include all debit, credit cards, net banking and direct bank transfers. You have to wait only 2 minutes for the code.


In simple words, you get 13299(PTE Academic) + 3500(Mock tests) + 1200(3 Expert Evaluations) which is a total of 17,999 INR and you get it for 12,599 INR. Now that’s a steal and security of future.

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