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A PTE study plan


A wise man once said “failure to plan is planning to fail,” and I couldn’t agree more. PTE Academics just like any test is a comprehensive test that requires hard work and dedication if one wishes to perform well. You already have a clear knowledge of the score you need to attain, therefore use that to guide you when outlining your study plan. There are also other factors to consider when formulating your study plan, and these include: 

  • The amount of time you need for preparation
  • If you have taken the test before, how much did you score?
  • Do you plan to join a coaching centre or are you going to self-study?

There are more factors than the above-mentioned, and it would benefit the test taker to evaluate and scrutinize every option to make the right decision. PTE Academics cost a lot of money, and each time you retake the test you will have to pay. People taking the test for the first can still achieve the desired score with proper planning. Is it going to be easy? No, it won’t, that is why you need a clear plan to reach your goal. As for people who have failed before, use the past as a learning experience to help you avoid similar mistakes.

If you plan to knock PTE Academic right out of the socks, then this article aims to assist you with necessary steps to get you closer to achieving your dream. Read on.

Know your score

Before you set out to go on the journey, you already know most of the required information about your destination. Coming back to PTE Academics, you must know your desired score beforehand if you want to formulate a perfect plan. Whether you are applying for permanent residence, or study visa, the minimum score required should be stated. 

Different institutions require different score ranging from 42 to 90. It is your duty to find out the minimum score required in each section. Sometimes marks from two sections affect your marks leading to failure, therefore have all the information required.

Familiarize yourself with PTE Academics


First of all, you cannot prepare well if you don’t know what you are preparing for. Do extensive research about the test and what it entails.  This includes understanding the test format and all its nitty-gritty information. On the Pearson website, you can find a score guide which contains information about the test. 

You will find discussion and examples of each question, it offers guidance on how to respond to questions to obtain high marks. Furthermore, you will find information about how each skill is marked and how many marks you get on each question. Make this guide your best friend until the day you take your test.

Draw up a study timetable/plan

A study timetable is just a graphical representation showing your commitment to the preparation time. It helps you with accountability to take your studying serious even when you don’t feel like it. The timetable should depict the PTE Academic test format, its communicative skills and subsidiary sections. You don’t have to dedicate many hours to each task, even 30 minutes of daily practice on each section is adequate. 

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You should also include additional tasks that contribute towards studying which is not part of the PTE Academic format. Examples include watching YouTube videos on PTE, taking mock tests, researching essay writing techniques. Include all the information required to guide you during preparation.

Prepare very well 

Now that everything is in place, all that is left is to study as if your life depends on it. Be smart, efficient and don’t just concentrate on time when you aren’t doing the work. Study according to the timetable you drew up for yourself, use it as a teacher that holds you accountable when you are being lazy. In this phase, it would be wise to concentrate on studying and postpone mock tests until later. 

This is to avoid confusion and any discouragement if you happen to score lower marks. If you haven’t grasped the concept, then doing mock tests will be a nightmare for you.

Do your mock tests

Mock tests are what you need if you want to understand what PTE Academics is all about. Some companies which are pioneers in this subject provide mock tests that are on the same level of difficulty as the real examination. It does prepare you and help you to know what to expect.

Still, on the mock tests subject, at least order two to three expert evaluations before you take the test. These evaluations provide a professional scorecard with trusted results. Just like Pearson Official Kits and PTENOTE Expert evaluations where you will receive your score report within 24 hours of submitting the test. Why do you need an evaluation you ask? Simple, to know how much you score on the Test to gauge your progress.

Scorecard will help you devise a different strategy if needed, and from your performance, you will know if you are ready for the test or you need to cancel and book a different test date. This is a real money saver in the long run. Good luck.

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