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Truth about Free Evaluation Providers



In order to get desired scores in PTE Academic, you probably practice a lot of mock tests. The evaluation of mock tests is also important, expert evaluation to be exact. PTENOTE provides you evaluation vouchers along with mock tests when you buy our voucher but there are free mock tests and evaluation providers out there. Free PTE Evaluation is hard to believe considering the time and effort it takes to provide an evaluation.

Let’s take a look at how PTENOTE provides you it’s services:

We are selling our vouchers at 10358 + 18% GST ( GST goes to Govt )

When you make an online transaction on any website, merchant generally has to pay 2% transaction fees through various Payment Gateways like CCavenue, Instamojo, PayU, Razorpay etc


Subtracting 2% Transaction charges = 12222 – 18% GST – 2% Transaction charges = 10185


Now Any Voucher Reseller has to Pay to Pearson to Get Vouchers, let us see what Pearson is charging for the vouchers


Go to this link // and select county as India, a list will show if you buy more than 50 vouchers, cost per voucher is 10144

Let’s subtract that amount as well to know the amount of profit we make.

10185 – 10144 = 41 Rupees, Yes Merely 41 Rupees as the net profit.


Now think, some websites are actually claiming to provide 11 to 15 Evaluations at around 41 rupees. That is 4 Rupees for one evaluation. When you pay us 12,222 INR for a voucher and our profit is merely 41 INR, one can’t help but think how much free evaluations are reliable.  How do they profit? How do they cover the cost to conduct an expert evaluation? It’s only fair to ask these questions.


Pearson provides mock test plans themselves and can you guess the price for the cheapest one? It’s $35.99 = Approx. 2580 Indian rupees.

Why do you need to be cautious about free evaluations?

Evaluations give you an overall score and sub-skill scores, therefore you can work on the skill you think needs improvement. A free evaluation just might not be genuine enough. It may or may not be properly evaluated and this ‘may’ can hamper your practice process. It’s better to pay for a genuine evaluation then be mislead free of cost.


This is why PTENOTE does not provide free evaluations, we only provide genuine evaluations vouchers through which you can get discounts on your evaluation requests. Original price per evaluation is 400 INR, one evaluation voucher gives you a discount of 250 INR. This means your total cost per evaluation will be 150 INR, that’s a steal deal!


If anyone is claiming to be providing free “expert” evaluations, you need to either research or ask questions about those evaluations. Then only decide if you want to go for it or not.


Hope we cleared your queries on how PTENOTE evaluation cost is fair. Reach out to us by commenting below or dial @ 1800 200 2188 if you have any more queries.

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