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Truth About Cheap PTE Voucher Resellers


Updated on Jan, 2022



PTE Academic is a costly exam, the exam cost 14,700 INR including GST. Re-sellers buys PTE Vouchers in bulk, thereby getting discount and providing you the same. Buying PTE Voucher is actually a smart decision unless the price is too good to be true. That’s the time you need to get a little suspicious about cheap voucher resellers.

We like to be transparent about our process and that is why when some of you complained about PTENOTE’s price being too high and how you were getting better deals, we were concerned. Let’s take a look at how providing lower than our price is not possible, the ultimate truth about cheap PTE voucher resellers!

Tax on PTE Vouchers

Any services or goods consumed in India are liable for Goods and Services Tax, GST in short. When you’re booking your slot directly you need to pay 18% GST on the registration fees, so the registration fees will become 12,457 + 18%GST = 14700. So when you’re booking test through voucher, there should be Tax on that as well right? And there is tax on vouchers.

Booking through PTENOTE voucher is inclusive of all taxes ie. you don’t have to pay anything when you are booking the slot.

Cost of PTE Vouchers

Have a look at  // The List for India shows that if you purchase the voucher in any quantity above 50, you’re paying 11211 per voucher. Now, this price is exclusive of any taxes and 18% GST in the form of Reverse Charge is applicable since Pearson is a foreign entity. So the price of Voucher becomes 11211 + 18%GST = 13228. This is just the landing price and when you make a transaction on any website online, the merchant has to pay 2% transaction charges on the transaction amount.

Let’s calculate how much profit a reseller can make per voucher.

Assume a merchant is selling vouchers at X amount, so his net profit on the voucher will be:

X/(1.20) [ subtracting 18% GST and 2% transaction charges ]- 11211 [ PTE Voucher cost price in bulk ]

If you substitute X with our current selling price ie 13,599 INR

13599/(1.20) – 11211 = 121 Rupees

This means we provide you the voucher & mock tests at a small profit of 121 INR. We need to get a return on Investment, pay rents and salaries. As a business, we need to make a profit as well. 121 rupees doesn’t look that big of a price now, does it? There are only benefits on booking through PTENOTE Voucher, no drawbacks for you.

But if somebody is providing you with the same voucher for a lesser amount, why shouldn’t you go for it?

There are only a few ways someone can provide you cheaper vouchers than ours:

cheap pte voucher reseller


Not Paying GST

Since Pearson is a foreign entity it does not collect GST while purchasing voucher but takes GST no. of the person or entity who have purchased the voucher and that entity to pay 18% Reverse charge. Now, Govt already has GST no of the entity who has purchased these vouchers ( through Pearson ) and if that GST is not paid, Pearson may block those vouchers and if you have used such voucher, you may not be able to schedule your exam and if you have scheduled it already, your account or result might get blocked.


  • How do I make sure the business from where I purchase honestly pays GST for me?

First of all, you need to check if the business is a genuine company and not a website run by single individuals.

PTENOTE is a private limited company and has been selling vouchers for about 5 years now.


  • Get GST Invoice

Still, in doubt, ask for the GST from the company. Also make sure GST Invoice is provided by the same company, not by a different company.


Using stolen vouchers or stolen credit card

Some people are selling stolen/expired vouchers or even vouchers purchased using stolen credit cards. Since it did not cost a dime to acquire these vouchers, they are selling them at any random price which can attract innocent students. In case of stolen credit cards, when the dispute is filed with card company/bank and Pearson does not get money, they will simply DISABLE all vouchers and block results of the students who have used such vouchers.

Voucher Validity

A Voucher can’t be used forever, they come with an expiration date. Validity starts when the merchant has purchased from Pearson and will expire if the merchant is not able to sell it within a year. Not many merchants are able to sell their voucher so soon, therefore some of them will try to sell you vouchers with little to no validity left. PTENOTE is very clear about its voucher’s validity, all PTENOTE Vouchers comes with 11 months validity and we take full responsibility if voucher expires before that time period. It is important to check or ask your reseller about voucher validity.

If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true at all!

We hope that we answered your query transparently and honestly. Should you have any more doubt about PTENOTE Voucher, comment down below or call us @ 1800 123 7977.

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