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15 Last Minute Tips For PTE Academic You Must Read


We hope that you prepared well for your PTE Academic through PTENOTE’s mock tests. We thought some last minute tips might help you to prepare your mind for the exam!


last minute tips


  • Relax
    You have practised a lot, it’s time to relax Don’t practice a day before your exam. This is just to clear your head.
  • Carry Your Passport
    It’s really important for you to carry your ID on the day of your exam

  • Reach Early
    Reach your test center 30 minutes before the exam in order to avoid the rush.
  • Use Restroom Before Exam
    You get a 10-minute break after Reading Section but make sure that you are worry-free before the exam.
  • Don’t Pause
    Do not pause while recording your answers even if you think you made a mistake.
  • Use Notepad
    Make the best use of notepad especially in Re-tell lecture and Sentences.
  • Beat The Noise
    It will be noisy but you need to concentrate on your exam and not let noise get in your way.
  • Word Limit Matters
    Don’t write more or less than the word limit question has asked for.
  • Capital Letters and Full Stops
    Punctuations matters to get good marks.
  • Manage Time
    You have a clock on the screen so manage time wisely.

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  • Don’t interfere with equipment
    Your administrator will check the equipment. Don’t interfere once everything is set up. Tell the administrator in case of issues.
  • Don’t get stuck at one question
    Do not spend too much time on one question, especially not at the expense of missing out other questions.
  • No Looking Back At Previous Question
    It is likely that you know this by now but we will still advice that since you can’t go back to the question, you should submit your answer in confidence.
  • Negative Marking
    There is negative marking in some of the questions so keep that in mind. Although, the lowest marks is still zero.
  • Re-Check
    Re-check before submitting your answer quickly to make sure it’s grammatically correct.


Do you have any PTE Academic tip of your own? Share with us and help others!

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