India Beats Pakistan: 2019 Cricket World Cup


Was there even a doubt? The 2019 Cricket World Cup has been an existing journey for India till now. India’s Run Chasing numbers while playing against South Africa and making a big number (325!) against Australia. Even with that big number, the match ended up being tight at one point (because of Australia 🤓). Chahal came through wickets after wickets to make the win possible along with...

Narendra Modi Takes Oath As 15th Prime Minister Of India


It’s official now. India has selected it’s PM yet again. Narendra Modi takes the oath to work for India. It brings back the memory from 2014’s oath, doesn’t it? Where & Who Is Invited? The PM will be taking oath at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Rashtrapati Bhawan’s Forecourt will serve as the place for Prime Minster’s Swearing-In Ceremony. The forecourt is a stately path between the main gates and the...

T Series Is Now The First Youtube Channel to Cross 100 Million Subscribers!


It was about the battle of most subscribed youtube channel not so long ago. Fast forward to a few months and T-Series is now the first ever channel to cross the 100 Million Milestone. Congratulations to T-Series! There was a time when getting 100 million views would be considered a milestone. Now, the number of subscribers is the real deal. A century internet is really excited about.   T...