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T Series Is Now The First Youtube Channel to Cross 100 Million Subscribers!


It was about the battle of most subscribed youtube channel not so long ago. Fast forward to a few months and T-Series is now the first ever channel to cross the 100 Million Milestone. Congratulations to T-Series!

There was a time when getting 100 million views would be considered a milestone. Now, the number of subscribers is the real deal. A century internet is really excited about.


T-Series started their youtube channel in 13 March 2006. It has been 13 years, 1 month and 20 days(will be changed when published). It was just like any other company channel, uploading their content on youtube. These companies uploaded their content because it was getting uploaded anyway. Copyright was the need of the hour. Youtube was a major revolution in media. The channel started slow. We all remember when we defined 10 million as the ultimate checkpoint to call a song or video ‘Hit’. Having 10 million subscribers was a luxury not even top YouTubers had.


It would be unfair to restrict T-Series as just a youtube channel. Not only it started as a newcomer on youtube but it was once a newcomer in the music industry. A very humble beginning: Gulshan Kumar starts a pilgrimage music cassette company. We have to wonder if he thought he will eventually end up making the biggest music company in India AND Worldwide.


Fun Fact: T-Series first-ever original soundtrack was released in 1948.


Where It All Started?


As you can guess, T-series didn’t taste success immediately after its launch. One successful movie launch is what it took for T-Series to get in the game. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak Album was released in 1988, the biggest movie of that decade. The biggest movie and the biggest album, to be accurate. Then the best part starts, one hit after another for T-Series.


Bollywood and T-Series started sounding like synonyms of each other.


What Did It take To Recreate The Success Digitally?


Not everyone who was successful made it to the big names of this digital video heaven we call Youtube.


If we dive into the channel, we will see T-Series is now much more than just a music video channel.


They cater to every audience. Do you want to know the lyrics of a song? You got it. Just the audio? You got it. Trailers, event updates everything.


On top of it, it’s really organized.


There’s a way to do things if you want to make it online and T-Series ticked all the right boxes.


From Competitor To Champion


Oh, the infamous T-Series Vs PewDiePie. We have few other things to credit while congratulating T-Series on their success.


Cheap Internet Services we are getting and The competition for the top position that got everyone attention.


Ultimately, its Bollywood. We don’t recognize how much people love our film industry.


New Beginnings


With this, T-Series is now also planning to launch Web Series and much more digitally exclusive content.


What are your views on T-Series crossing 100 million subscribers?


PTENOTE congratulates T-Series on their success!


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