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Lok Sabha Results Out: BJP Wins!



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Finally the moment entire country was waiting for, the results are out. The results of the biggest democratic elections are out. History repeats itself. Namo wins!

Over 8000 candidates participated in this election for 542 seats. The list of candidate includes PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Smriti Irani, Sambit Patra. Stars like Sunny Deol, Vijender Singh, etc showed up late but prepared.


India has declared its answer: Bhartiya Janta Party. It clearly shows how much the general public was happy with BJP in power. You have to give it up to all these exit polls, weren’t they pretty accurate?


Most of us were pretty confident in BJP. Although the results are still coming in, it was pretty clear at 9 am that BJP won’t find it difficult to come in power. By 12 pm BJP candidates started to celebrate. Thus, making it very clear. By 5, we are just waiting for official confirmation but it’s clear BJP wins!


From a small party volunteer to the face of the campaign, Narendra Modi. Credit goes to everyone involved for winning this election. They were incredible during the election campaign. Modi’s rally in Varanasi gave us a hint that it might not be even a competition. The hint was absolutely correct, he won in Varanasi by more than 4 lakh votes!


One interesting competition was Rahul Gandhi Vs Smriti Irani. It was a close competition between them for Amethi’s seat. While he got a clear win in Wayanad, Amethi has a tough day deciding. This is remarkable because he calls Amethi his ‘home and has always contested from there. We guess he saw it coming and that’s why he chose to contest from two seats. Smriti Irani is winning by 20,000 + votes from Amethi.

It may seem like Modi Vs Rahul at first. But the fact that UPA or as news channels like to call it maha ghat bandhan ( The Mega Alliance) had so many powerful parties & they still couldn’t break the magic that is NDA (the majority of which is BJP & few parties). It’s only right to say that India loves a common man as their PM, Narendra Damodardas Modi.


The previous five years are the testimony to BJP’s rule. We can say that the speeches & campaign made an impact. But the public knows what they want and that’s work. BJP worked tirelessly for this country in these 5 years which is why the public wants them to continue their work and give 5 more years of great rule.


While it was colored for some candidates, others found it difficult to hold on to their security deposits. Many AAP candidates failed to attain the minimum number of votes. BJP did a clean sweep in the heart of India. Looks like Delhi didn’t buy the whole ‘ not a complete state’ fiasco.


In PM’s own words,  “Fir ek baar, modi sarkar”. What’s even more incredible about these elections is that Modi becomes the first common man to win the election by being the face of his party twice. We have only seen this kind of craze happening for Nehru Ji & Indira Gandhi. Cheers to small dreams, today we learn that we can dream and we shall dream. Because dreams come true when you work hard and nobody is a better example of that than our PM Modi.


NDA (BJP) is winning with 340+ (290+ of them are from BJP alone) seats while UPA(INC) managed to grab 89+ seats. While ‘others’ have 108 seats!



Want to check out the full results? Go to ECI’s own website.

PS: Are you celebrating India’s win?

PTENOTE  congratulates BJP on their win. Here’s to NAMO and another great 5 years for India!



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