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India Beats Pakistan: 2019 Cricket World Cup


Was there even a doubt? The 2019 Cricket World Cup has been an existing journey for India till now.

World Cup

India’s Run

Chasing numbers while playing against South Africa and making a big number (325!) against Australia. Even with that big number, the match ended up being tight at one point (because of Australia 🤓). Chahal came through wickets after wickets to make the win possible along with Dhawan’s Century. Unfortunately, Dhawan’s thumb injury meant that he would have to take rest from cricket for 3 weeks.


On another note, India’s third match was abandoned due to rain and wet field. Interestingly, it’s also 2019 World Cup’s third match to be abandoned due to field issues. The match was against New Zealand but both teams just got one point each.

Pakistan’s Run

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Pakistan with 1 win, 2 lost and 1 draw ( wet fields again!). But here’s the thing although the green team had a bad start with 105 runs, giving their opponents West Indies an easy win. They came through with 348 runs during their second match against England and hold it up to win! What a bounce back, right? They lost to Australia in their fourth match.


The Match

The final day arrived and India won by 89 runs even though the rain tried it’s best to not let the game happen  😛 . It doesn’t even matter what the stats are because well, it’s India Vs Pakistan. This had to be an interesting match. How long has it been since India and Pakistan played a match? A very very long time and the wait ended up with one of the most important matches, A World Cup Match.


With no lost matches to its name, India is riding high on success till now. We won its first World Cup in of England 1983. Maybe it’s time history repeats itself with new faces. Let’s get the World Cup home for the third time!


PTENOTE wishes Team India best of luck!

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