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GST: A Citizen’s Responsibility


Our Country is facing some tough time right now. The question that arises: What can we do? As a citizen of India, we should be doing our basic duties. One of these duties includes paying our taxes. Taxes can directly help to build our nation and give Indian army what they need to protect us, anyone not paying GST is actually stealing from the Nation’s wealth. GST is the goods & services tax, the tax you have to pay when you buy any product or service.



Do you know where GST go?

Plenty of good work is done through the taxes you pay. All the schemes and government plans are nothing if they are not funded enough. These funds come from the taxes. The indirect form of tax is really important for the government¬†as many citizens may not have taxable income. Most of you reading might be students but no income doesn’t mean you can’t help in building the roads or getting our army bullet-proof gears! We can do our bit by paying indirect taxes ie. GST.




Every service comes with GST, this is mandatory to pay by the buyer but some people always find a way to steal. Not only it’s unethical, but it also means you don’t have a bill. This can lead to problems if you want to return or lodge any complaint about the good and services you have received. Saving a few bucks can cost our Nation a hefty price. Every time any government project is sanctioned, the budget is a huge problem. Our taxes are the thing that contributes to Road Safety, Education, Military Expenditure and numerous other things. So you might not realize but your small amount of tax goes a long way.

GST: Our Duty




Can you imagine if every citizen of this country dutifully paid their taxes? The budget won’t be a problem! Yes, it might be surprising but not of all us are doing our basic duty for this Nation right now. It’s about time we realize our duties for India. How are we going to complain to the government if we are not doing anything either? We need to earn the right to complain! Do you care about the child who can not get his education and the soldier using old tools? Then you must pay respect to your duties.

Anytime you buy anything, don’t forget to ask for a GST Invoice. It’s both your right and duty to do so. Invoice is the ultimate proof that your money has gone to the right place.

PTE Academic Voucher: GST Is A Must

Like any other product, when you book PTE Academic GST is applicable. The price of PTE Academic Slot booking is actually 11, 271 INR for Indian Students. When 18% GST is applied it becomes 13, 300 so when you book your PTE Academic Exam, you are paying 2,028 INR in taxes to the government. As we all know, there are many PTE Academic Voucher Sellers. Students buy PTE Voucher because it offers great discount and might also other services like PTENOTE does: mock tests and evaluation vouchers. So when you buy the PTE voucher, you need to pay GST too.

Some voucher resellers are selling PTE Vouchers without GST. No more sugarcoating, this is simply stealing. Not only some of them steal GST, but they also keep their customers in dark about it. This is why we emphasize on asking for a GST Invoice. PTENOTE sells PTE voucher at a price of 12,222 INR.

Voucher Price: 10,358 + 18% GST(1,864) = 12,222 INR

Yes, we do provide GST Inovice!

When you are buying cheap PTE Academic Vouchers where you don’t have to pay GST then you are not doing your duty and keeping your future in question too because not paying GST can lead to your voucher being invalid or canceled later.

If you have questions about GST on PTE Voucher, ask them in comments!

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