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FAQs On Slot Booking For PTE Academic

  • What do I need in order to begin the PTE Academic booking process?

You need a Valid Passport in order to fill in details during booking.


faqs on slot booking for pte


  • What if I don’t have a valid passport?

You should acquire a passport before booking PTE Academic. No other ID is valid for Indian Citizenship except the passport. You can check for more countries on


  • I don’t have a middle name. What should I write on the form?

If your passport does not contain any middle name, the middle name space should be left blank.

  • How do I know what details are mandatory to enter?

The item will have a (*) symbol if it’s mandatory.


  • A detail is optional in PTE Academic Form but it’s mentioned in my Passport. What should I do?

Please enter all your personal details according to the Passport as it will be cross verified at the time of the test.


  • My Date Of Birth is different on different IDs. Which one should I enter?

Enter the one mentioned in your passport.

faqs on slot booking for pte

  • Which Address Type should I Choose: Home Or Work?

You can choose Home if you want to enter your residential address or Work if you want to enter your company’s address.


  • What is Address  1,2 and 3?

They are simply Address lines. You can enter your Address in “Address 1” if your address is short or you might choose to enter in 2 and 3 in that order.


  • Do I need to write my city and pin code in Address 1, 2 or 3?

No, there is no need since separate spaces are provided for the same.


  • What is my country of Citizenship?

The country which issued your passport is your country of Citizenship.


  • Can my country of birth be different from my citizenship?

It can be. Enter according to the passport.


  • What is my city of birth?

Place of birth is mentioned on your passport and you should write according to it.


  • How do I make a username for

Make it 6 or more characters. You can use alphabets, numbers, and symbols separately or in combination to do so.


  • I have decided a password which is 8 characters long but does not contain any uppercase letter. Is that ok?

No, you must follow password requirements which are:  8 or more characters. Combination of uppercase (Example: A) and lowercase (Example: a). Numbers(0-9) or Symbols (#,@,$ etc)


  • How to select security questions?

Select security questions whose answers you can remember easily. They will be asked to retrieve your account if you forget your username.


  • I have created an account but I don’t want to book a slot right away. Is it possible to book a slot later from the same account?

Yes, you can sign in anytime once you have created an account.


  • I speak both English and Hindi equally at home OR I can’t determine which one I speak more. Which one should I enter?

The question asks you to enter the language you speak most at home but since you speak two languages equally, you can enter any one of them.

  • I have taken some other English Test in the last 6 months but I would not like to mention it. Is that ok?

You should mention the test as entering right details is the best choice to avoid any mishaps later.


  • Do I need to select Test Centers only from my official City Or Country?

No, you can select test centers from around the world as per your convenience. Make sure you will be available at the location at the selected time.


  • On the review page, some of my details are not correct. What to do?

You might have an option to edit them right away or you may choose to go back in order to edit and enter the correct details.


faqs on slot booking for pte 

  • How can I make the payment?

If you have PTE Voucher, enter the code and click apply. PTE Voucher is the best method to make payment although debit and credit cards can be used.


  • How do I confirm that my booking is successfully processed?

Once you confirm/submit your order, a confirmation page will be shown. You will also receive an email regarding the same.


Yes, you can. Although the refund or cost might vary depending upon when you will make these changes. You are advised to make changes if any as soon as possible.


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