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Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for the Day of Your PTE Exam


The day of your PTE Academic exam is pivotal. It’s the culmination of your hard work, preparation, and aspirations. To ensure you’re at your best, PTENOTE brings you a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts for your exam day. Following these tips can make a significant difference in your performance and experience.

Do’s for Your PTE Exam Day

1. Do Review the Test Format:

Even if you’ve prepared thoroughly, take a moment to review the PTE exam format. A quick glance at PTENOTE’s resources can refresh your understanding of what to expect.

2. Do Check Your Documents:

Ensure you have the correct identification documents required at the test center. Typically, this is a valid, non-expired passport. Double-check the night before to avoid any last-minute hassles.

3. Do Arrive Early:

Plan to arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. This buffer allows for any unforeseen delays and helps you settle down before the test.

4. Do Dress Comfortably:

Choose comfortable clothing appropriate for the test center’s environment. Remember, layers can be helpful if you’re unsure about the room’s temperature.

5. Do Bring Necessary Items:

Check PTENOTE for a list of items you’re allowed to bring into the test center. Typically, personal belongings are stored away, but things like ID are essential.

6. Do Stay Calm and Focused:

Keep your nerves in check. Practice deep breathing or meditation techniques to maintain calmness. Remember, a clear and focused mind performs best.

7. Do Manage Your Time Wisely:

Be conscious of the time allocated for each section. Practice has already honed this skill, so trust your preparation and pacing.

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Don’ts for Your PTE Exam Day

1. Don’t Cram Last Minute:

Avoid the urge to cram in the last few hours. It can overwhelm you and affect your performance negatively. Trust in your preparation.

2. Don’t Forget to Check the Location:

Ensure you know exactly where the test center is located. If possible, visit the center beforehand to gauge travel time and avoid getting lost on the day of the exam.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Health:

Have a good night’s sleep before the exam day and eat a healthy meal before the test. 

4. Don’t Bring Prohibited Items:

Be aware of the items not allowed in the test center. These usually include electronic devices, watches, and large jewelry. Check PTENOTE for a detailed list.

5. Don’t Be Distracted by Others:

During the test, focus on your screen and questions. Avoid getting distracted by other test-takers’ activities or noises. 

6. Don’t Panic Over Minor Hiccups: 

If you face any issues during the test, like technical problems, stay calm and inform the test administrator. Don’t let it disrupt your composure.


The PTE Academic test is a crucial step in your academic or professional journey. By following these do’s and don’ts, you can approach the test with confidence and ease. Remember, good preparation combined with a calm and organized approach on the test day is the key to success. For more tips and resources, visit PTENOTE, your trusted partner in PTE preparation and booking.

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