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3 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Earn Perfect Scores on Describe Image Tasks


In this article, we will provide some Describe Image tips. Describe Image exercises of PTE Academic assess your speaking skills as well as your ability to think on your feet. As far as the current PTE Academic pattern is concerned, a minimum of 5 questions based on this format appears in the Speaking & Writing module of the test. In Describe Image task of PTE Academic Speaking & Writing...

PTE Re-tell Lecture: Follow These 7 Tips to Become a Master “Re-teller”


The Speaking & Writing module of PTE Academic consists of a number of question-based on the Re-tell Lecture format. In the Re-tell Lecture task, one of the trickiest questions on the PTE test, a recorded lecture or an interview is plays. The test taker has to reproduce the content as accurately as possible. Your performance will be scored on 3 criteria- Content, Pronunciation and Oral fluency...

How to Prepare for Read Aloud Questions in PTE Academic


After you have finished your personal introduction, Read Aloud, a part of the Speaking and Writing module, is the first question you will encounter once the actual test begins. Your response to Read Aloud question is evaluated on the basis of the following criterion- content (reading words correctly without altering any part of text), oral fluency (ability to use a natural tone of voice in a...