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T-Series Takes Over Pewdiepe In Youtube Battle



Pewdiepie Vs T Series

Youtube, the online video streaming website has been a blessing for independent creators to showcase their talents. Then came Vevo and official channels. It’s only fair that there is a medium where everybody can upload their content. With so many content creators, competition is obvious. For now, it seems T-Series has taken over as the Most Subscribed Youtube Channel with 90,484,00 + Subscribers!¬†ūüéČ

Where It All Started

The Pewdiepie Vs T Series started in late 2018 and is an ongoing youtube battle. Youtube Battle for what? The most subscribed Channel. A prestigious tag which matters more than any award right now. Pewdiepie run by Felix Kjellberg has been the most subscribed channel on Youtube since 2013. T series, the biggest Music Label in India has now taken over.


T series was able to give a tough competition to Pewdiepie for a period of time in 2018. Then madness followed, the single most important topic of the Internet: Pewdiepie Vs T Series. Pewdiepe uploaded diss track which included some rather strong words about T Series especially targeting the fact that it’s an Indian Channel. He did not stop there. Pewdiepie who mainly streams video games on his channel also makes comedy/funny videos. These videos don’t really fall under any specific genre but do make people laugh. T series was and is the center of attention for many of his videos.


Not only Kjellberg, but his fans also made all the efforts from spamming T series Channel with nuance comments to emptying their own pocket to bring pewdiepie on billboards and advertisements.

The Arguments

Pewdiepie and his fans have been more than clear on mentioning their displeasure about a company’s channel taking over. Their argument claims that the competition isn’t fair as Youtube was meant to be for independent creator. Now a corporation which is run by dozens of professionals taking over, if anything it’s gonna put Youtube in the bad light. For these reasons, more big names from Youtube Gaming community have extended their support for Pewdiepie. These names include¬†Jacksepticeye,¬†Markiplier and many more.


Contrary, T series believe that it is a win for India as they are now first Indian Channel to become the most subscribed. This is indeed historical, or shall we say digitally historical!ūüėĄ¬† They haven’t come out as aggressive as pewdiepie. Although they have tweeted urging people to follow and Indian fans have always devoted some time to make that happen.

T-Series: The Youtube Star?

T series, even without youtube was a big music company churning out hundreds of Bollywood and pop songs every month. The corporation is owned by Bhushan and Krishan Kumar. They are the sons of the T Series Founder, the late Late Gulshan Kumar. It is interesting to note that the T Series started as a cassette company. What a journey!



The company joined Youtube in 2006 (The time when Pewdiepie was already ruling). It mainly uploaded music videos and content around music videos. When India got affordable internet services around 2017, the music videos and other Indian Content on Youtube channel that faced tough time crossing even 20-30 million views. Now a music video is popular only if it crosses 50+ million minimum. Most of the top music videos on T Series have 100+ Million views. Better access and cheaper internet have no doubt played a great role for this win. Bollywood is famous for songs, Youtube is a popular platform for Indians. T series understand that digital entertainment is rising in India and hence has also announced web series venture.


It all makes sense when you think about it, it’s not such a surprise that T Series is the biggest Youtube Channel. Bollywood has it reaches even outside India, mainly South Asian countries. If this whole debate on Pewdiepie Vs T-Series has done anything then it’s doing T Series a favor. It has only made the music company known to a larger audience. In all fairness, the same can be said for Pewdiepie. Indians get to know about his channel after this much-publicized feud.


We, PTENOTE congratulate T Series on becoming the biggest channel and cheers to Pewdiepe, you had a long run!

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