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FAQs On PTE Academic Reading Section


1. How long is the PTE Academic Reading section?

It is about 32-41 minutes long.

2. What is the difference between Fill In The Blanks and Reading & Writing Fill In The Blanks?

Fill in the blank: single list of options is provided and you have to fill all the blanks from that list.pte academic reading

Reading and writing Fill In The Blanks: select one option from a drop-down list provided for each blank

pte academic reading

3. How does the negative marking in Multiple Choice Multiple answer works?

You will get 1 mark for every correct answer and lose 1 mark for each incorrect option selected. Although the overall minimum score will be zero, no matter what.

pte academic reading

4. Should I read the question first or the passage for Multiple choice type?

You can read the question first in order to get a better view while reading the passage later but do not eyeball just the answer from the passage, read the whole prompt.

5. How long can be the Multiple Choice Questions, Single Answer passage?

It could be upto 110 words.

6. How long can be the Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Answers passage?

It could be upto 300 words.


pte academic reading


7. Is there a break after PTE Academic Reading Section?

Yes, there is an optional break of 10 minutes after reading section.

8. How to improve reading skills?

Start by making reading a habit through newspapers, novels etc and then take mock tests for better understanding of questions and practice.


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