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How to improve English grammar: 6 Simple Steps To Great Grammar Skills


The part where even Native English Speakers struggle: Grammar. Every language has a different set of rules and English Grammar is no funny business. The tenses, nouns, pronouns, verb, apostrophes and so many elements have to be taken care of. Grammar isn’t something one can learn in a day. If you are a beginner in the English language then take some time to familiarize yourself with nouns...

How To Increase Your Vocabulary For PTE Academic: 4 Sources to Expand Your Knowledge


PTE Academic Scorecard has a sperate score for Vocabulary under “Enabling Score” section. This alone is enough to tell you how much vocabulary matters. You can score good marks if you use a nice vocabulary in questions such as essay writing in the PTE Writing section. Not only in PTE Academic, having a good vocabulary can help you in various ways! There are numerous ways to increase...

15 Last Minute Tips For PTE Academic You Must Read


We hope that you prepared well for your PTE Academic through PTENOTE’s mock tests. We thought some last minute tips might help you to prepare your mind for the exam!     Relax You have practised a lot, it’s time to relax Don’t practice a day before your exam. This is just to clear your head. Carry Your Passport It’s really important for you to carry your ID on...

Highlight Incorrect Words: 5 Things You Must Know


What is the highlight incorrect words task? In Highlight Incorrect Words task, you are presented with an audio recording as well its transcript. In the transcript, however, some words are replaced by different ones. You have to select words in the text, that differ from what the speaker is saying in the audio. The recording plays only once. What is the duration of the recording? Each recording...