PTE Listening: Solve Multiple Choice, Single Answer Questions in 3 Steps


PTE Listening: Solve Multiple Choice, Single Answer Questions in 3 Steps The listening module of PTE Academic comprises 2-3 questions of Multiple Choice, Single Answer. In this task, you have to listen to a recording (30-60 seconds long), and answer a multiple-choice question on the basis of the content or tone of the recording. The recording will most likely be about academic subjects, such as...

PTE Listening: Highlight Correct Summary Tips


Highlight Correct Summary tips In the Highlight Correct Summary task of the PTE Academic listening module, you will hear an audio recording up to 90 seconds long. After listening to it, you need to select the option that best summarizes the audio. There is no negative marking scheme in these questions. This item assesses your reading and listening skills. It contributes towards your PTE reading...

PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks : 10 Dos and Don’ts


 PTE Listening: 10 Dos and Don’ts of Fill in the Blanks The PTE Academic test consists of 2-3 questions based on Listening Section: Fill in the Blanks format. In this task, a recording is played and its transcript is displayed on the screen. The transcript contains up to seven blanks. You have to type words in them based on the information you hear in the recording. You are only able to listen to...

PTE Listening Tips: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer


PTE Listening tips: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer is a PTE Academic listening task, which contributes solely to your listening score. Doing well on this task will go a long way in improving your overall PTE listening score. In Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer tasks, an audio recording (40-90 seconds long) plays, and you have to answer a multiple-choice question...