Benefits of booking PTE Academic through PTENOTE


If you dream to study abroad or go for a job then you know various English tests are there to help you get through that immigration or admission process, one such test is PTE Academic which stands for ‘Pearson Test Of English Academic’ trusted across the globe.   Why book PTE Academic through PTENOTE?   The question obviously is that why would you book from PTENOTE instead of...

Highlight Incorrect Words: 5 Things You Must Know


What is the highlight incorrect words task? In Highlight Incorrect Words task, you are presented with an audio recording as well its transcript. In the transcript, however, some words are replaced by different ones. You have to select words in the text, that differ from what the speaker is saying in the audio. The recording plays only once. What is the duration of the recording? Each recording...

PTE Listening Tips: How to Become a Pro at Write from Dictation


How to Become a Pro at Write from Dictation In Write from Dictation you have to listen to a short sentence, and write/type it verbatim into the box at the bottom of the screen. Sounds easy, right? Think again. On the surface, it may seem like this task is all about “parroting”. However, test takers tend to underestimate how much practice actually goes into getting it right. The Write from...